Comodo Pro V3 and BOClean 4.26? [RESOLVED]

Currently I have Comodo Firewall V 2.41.92 and BOClean V 2.41.92 on my XP Home. I would like to download Firewall V3. I plan NOT to use the Bitdefender as I’m a newbie in computing and see it as too complicated for me at this time.

My questions are these:

Do I need to uninstall BOClean as to not create a conflict with the V3 version?

Or can V3 without the Bitdefender and BOClean co-exist peacefully as separate programs together?

Do the V3 and BOClean work just as good as the V3 version with the Bitdefender included?

Thank you.

You do not need BOClean along side Comodo but they do get along. If you av has real time spyware then you do not need BOClean. I do not know much about Bit Defender. Avast and Comodo get along great. NOD32 and Comodo is my choice and current set up.

I think you’re referring to Defense+ rather than Bitdefender.

BoClean will happily co-exist with CPF and any other security product for that matter.

I would however advise, if you aren’t going to use Defense+ then do at least run it with leak protection (It’s defense+ but with limited features enabled) that way it’s like 2.4 was but better.

Defense+ isn’t all that confusing really! Each of the popups provides full frank information. I’ve maybe had 10 popups in total since I installed a fresh version of CPF 3 last Sunday. It’s very quick to learn your system and protects those areas most vital.

You can always give Defense+ a go and see how you get on.

BoClean is an excellent product and saved me a number of times from getting malware infections.

You might also consider installing the SafeSurf Toolbar that comes with CPF3. Though there is a new version due to come out at some stage and a Full Comodo Internet Security Product to start rolling out next month (beta this month, hopefully).


I’m so sorry! Yes, I meant the Defense+. :-[ Thank you for picking up on my error! I’m a prior Zonealarm user and switched to Comodo and like it so much, much better!! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to use the Defense+ with BOClean first. If I don’t understand it, is there a way that I can undo the Defense+ and use the Leakprotection without having to uninstall Comodo v3?

Do I have to uninstall V 2.41.92 prior to installing V3? Guess so.

Thank you so much.

Yes you have to completely uninstall Comodo 2.4 first. Do you have an anti virus?

Thanks. Yes, I do have an anti-virus. It’s the free AVG 7.5 and sofar I know it will update until the end of this year. If not, I will install Avast.

Is there an option in V3 to switch from Defense+ to Leak Protection without having to uninstall V3?

Thank you once again for your anticipated reply. :slight_smile:

No, There isn’t :frowning:

You can only go from Defense+ to Disabled & Vice-Versa, However we strongly reccomend using Defense+ Because it does have 100% leak protection & blocks malware. It’s worth 50% of CFP 3.

Unless you have any issues with D+, Let us know :wink:


Thank you for your reply!! I downloaded V3 yesterday with the Defense+ and sofar… no problems. I’m a happy camper. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

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