Comodo Pro pop-up saying Out of Memory?

I have a PC with Xp Home SP2 installed and I am getting a random pop-up from Comodo Pro that just says Out of Memory. This has happened twice in the past week.
I did a long search google, etc and could not find an answer on-line.
Does anyone know how to rectify this problem?
I run
1-Avast Home
2-Comodo Pro FW
4- 120GB HD
5- I use all the regular Spyware progs, Adaware SE, Spybot S&D, Spyware Blaster and I use Spyware terminator as my real-time spyware prog.
6- I also clean my PC regularly with CCleaner and ATF Cleaner

I found 3 threads in this forum, all inconclusive:

Try this oneā€¦

Hope that helps,