Comodo Pro Firewall is being Initialised........

Since Comodo PF was automatically updated this morning the tray icon is displaying “Comodo PF Pro is being initialised…” Several reboots later still the same. It remains that way for the period of time I am logged on to my PC.

Do I have a problem?

What to do about it please?



Sorry I should have added that the version is


I had the same problem this morning. Comodo updated last night to the latest version. I rebooted after install and everything worked fine. On signing in this morning however I got the “Comodo is initializing” text, I waited a few minutes but it still didn’t change to the " All systems are up and running" so I exited Comodo and restarted immediately and it is now working normally.

I do get that sometimes. I set it to ALLOW ALL and then back to CUSTOM and works.