Comodo Pro: can it be a "set and forget" security product?

I’m trying to set up some acquaintances with PC security that is as transparent as possible, as they are not sophisticated PC/IT oriented users. Additionally, they can ill afford to pay US$50 or more a year for a subscription to a complete PC security suite like Symantec’s, McAfee’s, PC Tools, etc. So… I need to know if Comodo Pro is a product which, once installed and properly configured, can be set to run silently --or almost silently-- in the background, without much, if any, user participation.

No firewall is silent that works good and is effective. Only Windows Firewall is silent. How do you know your firewall is working if you never see it doing anything. All firewalls involve some sort of user intervention till all your programs are learned. Comodo does have a training mode for both the firewall and D+ but those are only temporary modes. In training mode you will not get alerts as it is allowing ever executable to run. This mode much only be used for a week or so. After that put the firewall and D+ back to safe mode. There after any alerts will have to be user intervention. Comodo is a firewall and not a suite. You still need a good av to go along with it. After all your programs are learned Comodo is silent unless your installing something new. Keep in mind Comodo is more then a firewall. It is also a great HIPS program with its D+.

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It will take us another 12 month or so but over next 12 months incrementally we will deliver this product!