Comodo pro and Kaspersky

I treid searching the forums for Kaspersky and only found one relevant thread “
But no one answered the question.

I just installed a new hard drive after my last one died.
I always used Kaspersky AV v6 (now v7) and Zone alarm pro. I have heard of comodo and thought I would try it.
Well I reinstalled win xp sp2 with all updates up tp today. I usually install my firewall next so I installed Comodo (newest version) all went well.
Next I always install my AV. Not so well :frowning:
Kaspersky said comodo was a conflicting program and had to be uninstalled ???
I cancelled installation and tried the last released version of KAV 6 and got the same result.
I really dont know what to do. My 2 yr subscription to KAV is only a couple of months old?
Any ideas?
I would really appreciate a quick response as I am running without any AV right now while I try to make a decision.

I had a similar problem with kaspersky AV and Sygate Firewall.
I deinstalled kaspersky but that isn´t a answer of your question i know.

same here. tried free kav and after a lot of screwing around got both installed. but then for whatever reason ul and dl fios speeds went back to slower than dsl. removed kav and went to avira and no problems. might try for a refund from kav. don’t laugh cause it might work. cpf works to well for me to consider anything else. also run boclean. frank.

KAV/KIS both do a lot of checking for existing security software during installation, and basically ends up needing to be installed first. It usually works if you do it that way.

Thanks for reply s. I have gone back to Zone Alarm pro until I can either figure this out or I can find an AV as good as KAV that will work with Comodo.

Anyone know a really good AV that will work with CPF?

Bitdefender 8.0 paid version and Nod32


Kaspersky does work with CPF, but as I stated it needs to be installed first, then install Comodo.

Yes i agree with andreas, NOD32 works well with CFP , been using nod for over a year and i consider it one of the best avs(my opinion).


Kaspersky and Comodo working here stable and effective for months note i do not use any memory resident component of Kaspersky.