Comodo & Prevx Bug?

Defense + seems to have a bug with Prevx. Defense + is set as Safe Mode. I have Prevx set as trusted, and when i lunch Firefox, Opera, Chrome, or any other wesbrowser Defense + ask me if i want to allow Prevx to execute PxSecure.dll. I am then given the option of allowing it as an installer updater, windows system application, or isolated application. Why is Defense + asking me if i want to allow it when i already have Prevx designated as a trusted application? Also i don’t understand why Comodo FW many times only gives those 3 options, and want allow the user to designate it as a trusted application, browser, or any other for that matter. I hope i don’t sound like i’m bashing Comodo because i’m not. I’m just trying to figure out what the problem is. I do believe it could be a bug.

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Thank you for the screenshots.

It is asking not because of Prevx. but because of PxSecure.dll which is not classed as a Safe file.

Trusted Application is a Predefined rule so any ask me if i want to allow to execute rules cannot be saved, otherwise all Trusted Applications would be able to execute that file.

You can just make PxSecure.dll a Trusted File aswell.

Or change Prevx. from Trusted Application to Windows System Application or change to Custom Policy application then change all settings to match Trusted Application rule, as a Custom Policy application all execute that file operations will and can be saved.


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