Comodo prevents start of Windows XP Home

Today, I could not restart Windows. I uninstalled Comodo (2.3.x), and now, Windows starts up fine.

This is the second time Comodo prevents startup of Windows. Last time, it was something that was blocked, and after allowing it (in Windows Safe Mode), Windows started up fine in Normal mode.

I have just downloaded 2.4, and will install it, but I would want to find out – if possible – why Comodo prevents Windows startup sometimes.

I may be naive, but I do not think that a Firewall should prevent Windows startup. It would also have been great to find a setting that prevented Comodo to start up at system startup. That way, I could easily have checked if Comodo was the culprit without unistalling it and loosing all settings. Oh, I need to mention that Windows started up today in Safe Mode.

Having said all this, does anyone have a clue as to why Comodo prevents Windows startup sometimes? I would very much appreciate your input. Thanks!

Hans L

I installed the latest version, used the computer a little, turned it off, restarted it, and Windows did not start. What’s going on? If anyone know, please …

Hans L


Sorry you’re having this problem. I’m not sure what could be causing it; it’s certainly not the norm…

Have you already submitted a ticket straight to Comodo Support? You can do so at You’ll choose PC Security Software, then Personal Firewall…

In the meantime, once a couple more hours pass, some other Moderators should come online, and may be able to provide some more assistance to you.


Well, I am confused too. I have submitted a ticket now. I hope that someone can come up with a clue.

Hans L