Comodo Prevented Mozilla from finding the mail server + problem files won't dele

I wasn’t able to connect to my mail server with Mozilla FF or TB today.

I uninstalled Comodo and then I could connect and download my messages.

I had Mozilla FF or TB on my approved list under Allow.

I then re-installed Comodo and I run a scan and it finds 5 problem files. Next to those files there’s a check and at the bottom of the screen there’s a box for Select All. I click that and get an error message saying Please select files before deleting all.

So, I unchecked each box next to the problem file found and then re-check next to each and then click Delete All but get that same error message.

I then highlighted one by one the problems files but it would only stay highlighted one at a time and then I’d click Delete All and get that same error message.

I then highlighted a problem file and tried to right click or click the Delete button on my keyboard but nothing happened.

I’m not sure how to delete those problem files.

What should my Comodo settings be?

I ask because I’m never used a firewall before.

I very much appreciate your help,