Comodo Popups: IP name resolving?! (Hotkey for Log export-Popup IPs selectable?)

Hello Comodo team and Comodo users,

Does anyone know if there is a hotkey for logfile-to-html export? Or any shortcut I could call from a script?

I would like to extract the IP addresses in some automated way - at best directly from the alarm popups (at full paranoid message level).

Probably there are other people there who want to exert highest possible control over their PC:
If I browse to a website often connections are beeing made to different sites. randomly even if I am idle, some IP is beeing connected to. In these cases it would be very magnificent if one could resolve these IP-addresses by reverse DNS / IP whois whithout copying it manually into a dnsstuff browser window.

Any scripts/solutions? Or would it be possible to implement something right into Comodo Firewall?

It is to be stated, that an automated resolving of the IPs prompted for would be the logical next step for a meaningful decision making.

Ideally the prompts would be for domain names and IPs in brackets. I am aware that this could cause a huge amount of resolving traffic. But I am sure this could be solved at least partially by a local DNS cache for the IPs/Domains the local system did resolve before?

Thank you. Comments / solutions are welcome.


At the moment I don’t believe there is such a feature or a script where you could acquire this feature.

You may wish to post this in the Wishlist so that it may be added in future versions.



maybe this won’t help you but It could provide some useful info.

Ip resolving is possible using some external tools.

Step 1: export log to html
Step 2: open the html log file and export it to txt
step 3: download a grep program
Step 4: open the text log using the grep program (if you find a better freeware version tell me)
Step 5: Use regex Syntax and search ^(?:Source|Destination):\s+([0-9.]+)
Step 6: Use menu File|Export…
Step 7: In the Export search results select column 0 an set fixed width to Auto
Step 8: Press To file… button , save and check the results.
Step 9: Download LookupIP
Step 10: open a cmd prompt and type LookupIP NAME_OF_EXPORTED_IP_LIST.EXT RESULTS_FILE.EXT

Regarding automatic export of HTMl log you could try Autoit and its editor that have
a scriptwriter utility which could be used to automate the log exporting.