Comodo Pop Up

Everytime I request Mail, a pop up appears in the lower right corner. I’m sure it is OK, but it doesn’t stay up long enough to read it. Is there someway I can keep it up to read it…thanks

Is it a balloon tip or is it a D+ alert?

I guess I don’t know the difference but I clicked the email several times and was able to read ‘Comodo Secure Email’. So I believe it has something to do with the Secure Email I downloaded and installed…Thank you

A balloon tip is alittle rectangle box above your taskbar. A D+ Alert is a big box that shows about your taskbar.

Sounds like a balloon message to me. They are small and close by themselves after a fairly short time, no user interaction needed. Typically the message is of the “Defense+ is learning” variety. If it was an alert pop-up, I can’t imagine them closing without a user response regarding allowing or blocking some action. The balloon messages aren’t essential, and you can toggle them off/on by right clicking on the CFP icon in the task bar.