Comodo Pop Up & security question! Help [Solved]

My question is when i don’t attend certain functions my computer does when say it’s scanning files and the Comodo pops up with a question do i trust this software because it’s trying to access or create a certain folder it stays for 2min but sometimes I would just return to my computer to find the pop just disappearing because the timer has run out. I want to know which option does it choose when i don’t click on the pop up. Does it allow the program to run or does it block it and wait till the next time the program has to use that function again and get a nod from me before it can complete it’s function.

I have missed a few pop ups and just want to know what is the default setting Comodo uses allow or disallow till i state remember setting and allow.

My last question is should i allow each file as per request or should i just say trust this application. My fear is applying full trust to an application means if a virus/malware etc. does hook into this application it will send out my info. Whereas if i only trust 1 pop up at a time it means only those files are trusted and if ever a nasty attaches itself to another file it will question it. Only problem i have with this is like when i unzip a file and it will pop up like 20 - 30 whereas in a full trust mode was enabled no more annoying pop ups.

My settings for Comodo is default that it comes packaged with if you need to know my settings. I don’t mind clicking many pop ups but is this the best way or should i put an overall trust to a safe application. Or when i do unzip files should i use switch to installation mode.

You product is brilliant using it for a very long time and i have used Outpost firewall pro (good but really slows down my net because it’s so overprotective & memory hog), Online armor (good can’t say anything bad except it’s not free), Zone Alarm (used to be good now bloatware with false sense of security) your miles ahead and safer. (CLY)

Keep up the good work. Take care. (S) (V) (M) (R) (L) (J) ← I lost control of my feelings (:AGL)

Hey there (:WAV) welcome to the forums

When you don’t answer a question within the time, it will be blocked. But it will not be remember, so you can startup the application and it will be asked again.

Giving software the ‘safe application’ is advised, I mean for software you use every day. Let’s say winrar. Make it a trusted app.

If you have any other question, or if I forgot one, please feel free to ask :slight_smile:


I want to say thank you. I now understand Comodo’s pop up actions. I have to commend you on the very fast reply.

I have seen paid products with terrible support and being Comodo is free well (CLY) (B)

eXPerience you truly are Comodo’s hero (M) <— Thank you very much and take care.

No problem

I will lock the thread now, if you have any other questions, you can pm an active moderator (or me) to reopen it again

See you around (:WAV) and have fun using Comodo (CLY) (CNY) (V)