Comodo PF Goodbye

I had comodo Pf 2.4 but I don’t know why, from last week comodo doesn’t work. I get this error message at computer startup “comodo monitor is not running. Reinstall the application”. Ok I have uninstalled and reinstalled comodo PF 2.4 but there is no way. I get the same error. So I have uninstalled comodo 2.4 for reinstall comodo 3.0 The installation seems to go well but at computer startup I don’t see comodo icon on application bar (near windows clock) and I get this error: “C:\program files\comodo\cpfconfig.exe cannot be found”
Ok I have spend one hour and more for excecute manually removal instructions reported on this forum. I reinstall cpf 2.4 but the same error appears at startup"comodo monitor is not running. Reinstall the application". The same error appears if I reinstall 3.0.
In the past I have had the same problem with cpf 2.4 that I have resolved reinstalling the application but now there is no way.

I think that is not possible spend all this time for install/remove an application and to use registry key for do that.
Now I’m forced at using another firewall application

If you cannot uninstall or even reinstall a product its not that product. You cannot leave a firewall still on your machine unless you get rid of the existing one. Sounds like your registry is corruopt or you need a good registry cleaner to get rid of all traces of Comodo. I use Revo Uninstall in advanced mode and it takes care of everything.

I have used revo in advanced mode to remove comodo. I have reinstalled it (2.4) but cpf doesnt’ work. Now there is no error messages but level protection of comodo remain in bad status.
I have also removed all comodo folders, comodo registry keys, ini file of comodo, used regcleaner like reported in this forum but nothing and I can’t understand why.