Comodo PF + Firefox

Dear All,

I hope new incoming version of PF will run without any hassle with Mozilla Products.
I use Firefox and Thunderbird alongside Comodo PF: great deal!

Have a nice day


What problems do you have?

I’m using Firefox and Thunderbird with the firewall, and it runs just fine here.

Dear Bluesman,

perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. Comodo PF and Firefox work fine together.

I only hope that also new Comodo PF will have full compatibility with Mozilla Products.



Of course it will have full compatibility…I mean, why shouldn’t they? :slight_smile:

Thank you!


i use firefox and comodo 2 , everything is ok !
i am not use thunderbird

I have just started using Comodo after a few years with Zonealarm. One question I have is: Why do I continually get a pop up asking me to allow Firefox? It states that FF is an invisible program and has a parent. This is new to me. The only thing I can think of is that sometimes I use a program called Sandboxie which allows you to run FF Anonymously. Apart from that it works fine and gives me exact info on the program trying to connect to the internet where previous firewalls didn’t. ;D

Please start with this:,6908.msg50620.html#msg50620