Comodo PF 2.3..19 Beta

Egemen Melih

You promised the Sandbox issue ( GESWALL) would be sorted it appears you have delivered. Brilliant.

Now what about the resource useage issue. I migrated from Look n Stop, not because the product is poor, it’s great. Its resource useage footprint is way below Comodo. But simply because a one man band cannot develop at the rate that the software market is developing. Put simply, Look n Stop has fallen behind and seems to be in permanent beta. The same one!

Comodo, as a newbie has a great start up record but is just possibly in danger of trying to be all things to all men. Stop “I hear you say” if we aren’t all things to all men how do we progress. Good question? But product over bloating won’t help.

Melih … A challenge! GET THE FAT OFF. Not you. The product. You would be surprised at the numbers with marginal broadband connections and computer memory & processors at the margin.

So how about it it. You have come a long way fast. I’ve sort of converted. Finally convince me



Look, I know have few pounds of extras here and there! Man, I have been trying to loose them! You don’t know how hard it is, dieting don’t work, you can’t exercise everyday due to work, can’t resist deserts and nice food! Its difficult! But, I will try to loose weight I promise…

oh sh**
you meant the CPF :slight_smile:

ooohhh… and there was me talking about my weight :slight_smile:
That’s much easier than me loosing weight :slight_smile: We already have done majority of it. We are aiming to bring total mem usage to under 20MB (16MB to be exact) with the next production release which should be within next few weeks :slight_smile:


Great! The latest beta stands at 27MB now, so I am curious how the end result will be and what the changes are to get the usage down :slight_smile:

around 16Mb (fingers crossed), get rid off IE :slight_smile: