Comodo Personal Firewall Wishlist: Notification Feature

1. What actually happened or you saw:

When a firewall event occurs the program brings up a notification asking the user to allow or deny the traffic. The application also plays the sound “alert.wav”

The gain on the WAV file is so loud that it can actually hurt my ears even if my Windows Volume is set at 50%

2. What you wanted to happen or see:

You should allow users to customize the sound file that gets played when the firewall notification window pops up.

3. Why you think it is desirable:

If you do a google search for “change Comodo firewall alert sound” you will find tons of people who find the sound obnoxious and unnecessarily loud. Your customers will appreciate the ability to change the sound to something else.

4. Any other information:

The current workaround for this problem is to replace the “alert.wav” file with another wav file. However, the firewall will constantly prompt the user that an “updated version” of the software is available to download (probably because it sees a change in the file size/checksum). If the user updates though it overwrites the updated “alert.wav” file.

I believe that this is essentially the same wish as that already submitted (and forwarded to the devs for consideration) here. Would you agree?


I will now move this to Rejected as it does seem to be the same wish. henweigh, if you believe that it is different enough please do respond with your explanation.

Thank you.

Well I’m not the original poster but I’d argue they are not the same.

The other wish only requests an additional sound to be added, one that isn’t so loud or one that is more gentle, this is still a predetermined sound.

This wish seems to request the ability for the user to choose their own sound from their own files and not necessarily bound to Comodo presets.

I hope that is enough difference to allow this wish.

The other wish seems general enough that this one would fall under it. What I have just done is updated the entry in the tracker with a request that if this is done they also allow the ability for users to choose their own sound from a file. If the devs believe it should be a separate wish I will do that.


I think a note in the tracker is enough, saves us the voting part. :wink:

Great. :slight_smile: If anything changes I’ll respond to this topic and let everyone know.


Is there any way to track the status of this feature? Has it been implemented in the latest version?