Comodo Personal Firewall vs Paid for Versions

I would like to ask you to pls give us your feedback about CPF vs Paid for versions of other firewall’s you have used and tell us how CPF compares against them. Areas for improvement etc (if you think of any areas of improvement pls put it in the wish list)


[url] - This website is for sale! - firewallleaktester Resources and Information. been a long time since I’ve used a paid version firewall, but if cpf results could be updated here this would show many people how good cpf really is.

Comodo Personal Firewall exceeds Norton, Outperforms Sunbelts Firewall, and has a great company constantly updating and supporting its users. Comodo is much better then any paid version I have used.


I’m working inside a large Government network which is secured (?) by Checkpoint Firewall1. Leaks so much we have to have mops and buckets handy!

Installed CPF on the local workstation - leaks stopped cold.

What more needs to be said?

ewen :slight_smile:

I used the trial version of Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall.

And noticed that it consumes a bit less resources than Comodo, but Comodo makes my computer more secure than Sunbelt Kerio.

I think that a common issue with paid FW is that they are so bloated !!! many features that are not really needed.
The software industry has become so abusive in the fact that the software consumes more resources and are not always optimized.

I can tell that Norton Antivirus was a great software until they started to make it a resource eater. Now I use Nod32 and this is a cool example of how a software should be made… the smallest footprint of any antivirus I’ve tried (so far I’ve not tried CAV but will in a near future)