Comodo Personal Firewall Update ? Where ?

??? I have just found out that there is a new release for CIS v5.9.23139.2195. Ok fine, no problem right ? Yeah right !! >:( I tried to update online. NOPE ! I tried to download and do a manual install. NOPE! It appears that there is download for Personal Firewall. And, when I did click on supposedly the link to download only the firewall I still got CIS Premium ! I just need the firewall . So … what gives here ?! ??? My apologies if this is rubbing anyone the wrong way. I would think that when a new version/update is released that all “bases” would covered. Anyway, thanks. Looking forward to replies.

The CIS Premium installer is the correct one. Click on the “Customize Installer” link below the “Agree and Install” button and uncheck the components you don’t want. You can also change some other settings here at the same time.

When you’ve selected what you want click “Back” and then on “Agree and Install”. If you have selected just the Firewall component you’ll end up with Comodo Personal Firewall instead of Comodo Internet Security Premium, and so forth.

I hope that makes things clearer. :slight_smile:

This post by Egemen may be of some help.

COMODO Internet Security 5.9.219747.2195 Released

What ? I past downloads of the Personal Firewall, it was primarily for the firewall only. And, during the install, there was never any customizations needed; too uncheck AV, etc. Like I mentioned initially, the link to download (get) the firewall resulted in getting the “premium” version rather than just the firewall.

Hi Iwanaknow,
The firewall component is part of Comodo internet security past and present, either installers will have the same options after install.
If you have installed the AV component and you don’t require it go to add/remove programs, click Comodo internet security, click next, click change, untick Antivirus, click next, finish.
This will remove the AV component unless you hit the bug HeffeD pointed out.

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