Comodo Personal Firewall 2.4

I am still using it. I once installed version 3.0 but was way too confusing and too many configuration settings. Is the 2.4 version still good enough or should I switch to the latest version? Also is the latest version user friendly or too advanced for regullar users and how much cpu intesive is it?

The latest version of Comodo is 3.9. Comodo has done leaps and bounds since you tried 3.0 well over a year ago I take it. Comodo 2.4 was and still is a good firewall but its best to keep up with future. I do not know what your current anti virus is but Comodo is now a security suite. Download and try it for yourself. its very easy to use and Extremely light. Uninstall 2.4 and your current av completely first.

Installed the latest 3.9 version. Very light and nice. But I still couldn’t figure out some of the configurations(newb). What I didn’t understand was the learning mode. It would show one alert for firefox and then completely go silent. Even though I would remove firefox from the application window it would still not show any more alerts. This kinda confused me.

I also didn’t know which was the application window where you can remove applications that have already been given access. Because I tried removing firefox and when I would re-launch comodo and then firefox and it wouldn’t ask me anything. I guess the learning mode kicked in or something.

I also wanted to add a couple rules for mirc and utorrent and adding them underneath them in the application window didn’t change or help anything and mirc would still connect with a delay(I wanted to add a rule for port 113). Maybe if I found time I would give comodo 3.9 another try and study it further but for now I have pc tools firewall plus latest edition installed and it is not as good and user-friendly as comodo 2.4 but it is ok and I would stick with this one for now. But if there is a tutorial or step by step guide(I know newb) to some of the stuff for comodo 3.9 that would be nice.

Firefox just like Internet Explorer is a trusted white listed program. This is why you did not get an alert. Why are you complaining about not getting alerts for well known programs. Thats how a good firewall should be. When you installed CIS the firewall is in “safe mode” and D+ is in “Clean PC Mode”. Clean PC mode means that your pc is clean of any malware and CIS will not alert you of most programs that are installed on your pc cause you told CIS that the pc is clean. If you wanted alert then all you needed to do was adjust the slider to paranoid but why bother. In Clean PC Mode any “new” application that was added to your pc will give alerts.

Even when I disabled D+ it still wouldn’t alert me. I just liked 2.4 that alerted me whether it was a ‘safe known’ application or not. Also I wanted to add mirc rules(because I have to add some ident ports to the allow list otherwise mirc connects with a much longer than usual delay) and utorrent rules. But none of them seem to work when I would add them underneath the applications in the application window.

Those were basically my two problems with them. I would want to configure it to issue alerts for all applications once and also the rules I added for mirc/utorrent didn’t seem to work which confused me somewhat. Anyways all suggestions are welcome and if I find time I would give it another try tonight. Cheers

You disabled D+ and then expected an alert. What? Thats the opposite of what you want. You do not need uTorrent rules if your behind a hardware firewall. BTW what is mirc?

mIRC is a Internet Relay Chat (

I understand that you like the firewall alerts of 2.4.

Right click CIS>Firewall Security Level>
change ‘Safe Mode’ to ‘Custom Policy Mode’

Open CIS>Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy

to review the firewall rules already created by CIS. (If you want to test, delete the application rule for Firefox, click OK and then try to connect Firefox).

You will get firewall alerts for all the programs that wants to connect to internet, irrespective of whether it is safe or not, if the firewall rule is not already made in ‘Network Security Policy’ mentioned above. This will make you feel home more, like 2.4.

I tried the custom mode and worked better than before until another problem that had occured a few times before happened again. Sometimes when I would restart the pc or disconnect and reconnect the dsl everything stops working and firefox won’t connect to the internet. When I disable or exit comodo firewall internet is restored and everything works again.

Then this after I started the pc from a hibernation I couldn’t connect the dsl and it was giving the error ‘connected was terminated because the remote pc didn’t respond’. If this ever happens again I will contact the technical support because I could connect with another isp username/password. But I ended up reinstalling comodo twice(very annoying) and finally my current dsl started working again. Keep in mind the ‘block everything’ mode has happened before and I didn’t block anything so it does seem somewhat comodo related.

Has this happened to anyone else or before? What might be causing this? I did check the events window but it shows nothing there… and I couldn’t find the actual logs in any folders.

When after a reconnect a browser doesn’t connect try pushing ctrl+F5 that should let the browser reload a page from the web discarding cache. Also try cleaning cache and cookies and restarting the browser.

What sort of DSL modem are you using? A USB or an ethernet modem? Make sure your computer has all the Windows updates and latest drivers as hibernate problems tend to be in those areas