Comodo Personal Firewall Boot Up Time

I un-installed the last beta version, did the reboot, etc.

Then I installed the newly released final version I turned on the launch pad as with only CPF, I don’t need that icon. I did leave check for updates enabled.
To my disappointment, (:SAD)

  1. I still saw pop-ups, even for programs I have submitted to Comodo for inclusion in the “recognized” data base. Even Outlook Express and Symantec AV was not recognized. Not a biggie. Just surprised. I’m sure programs will be added and updated as time goes on.

2. Second, and a little maddening, my boot up time between when my system tray items begin to load and when the hourglass disappears and I have full control of the computer seems to have tripled.

The sequence is this: I see the CPF icon load in the System Tray and I get the tray icon pretty quickly. Then when my computer tries to continue by loading “Object Dock” (a program launcher by StarDock) and run my Mail Monitoring Program “Mail Washer Pro” … the computer just seams to sit there and sit there and sit there some more. Eventually … and it is quite a long time, those programs do load and Mail-Washer then checks my mail.

My computers Event Viewer shows zero problems or errors. My system just takes a much longer time to load.

I’ll tolerate that if it is normal and necessary to provide the desired level of protection but I guess I need to know this is really necessary.

OH, and I just got a pop-up for Disk Keeper Services again. I have approved it already (and much earlier sent it to Comodo for inclusion in the data base) so was surprised to see it pop-up again.

Not complaining, just asking. I am still very appreciative of a great effort by you guys.

kda (:CLP)

I did not uninstall specifically. I’ve thought Comodo will handle the update to final version
I was using the beta.
Did the the reboot and after that I turned off the launch pad as I have only CPF: I don’t need that icon too.
I did leave check for updates enabled.
To my disappointment either:

  1. The ‘old’ approved applications ask for connection again.
  2. Windows Security Center stop recognizing Comodo. Stop and start the service make Windows recognize it’s own firewall (XP SP2) ??? that, for sure, is disabled… Comodo is not recognized.


Just installed the new version and it went smoothly. (of course ;D).
But, Windows Security Center will not see it as a Firewall installed.

(B) Lee

Windows security, before I ditched it, didn’t recognize my Vcom antivirus either, or Kerio firewall when I had it for a bit. I won’t go into my opinon on Windows security but it won’t recognize it, but the firewall still works , guaranteed.


Just a note here, some programs accessing any firewall , when checking their server etc…may change something in the application , information etc…and will be detected as a different version each time. My anti-virus does this each time it checks for updates, if anything is different when it streamed, the next time it will pop up. You can also adjust your settings of alert level.

As far as load up times in the task bar, the more you have loading up, expect a decrease per loading application, you may add yet another and it may take another 5 minutes to load. Each one can slow down the startup an extra percentage more than normal for each program when many or large apps are trying to start. It may be a combo of your programs doing this.If you want to see how fast Comodo starts, do this…

Go to Start\Run… in the box type MSCONFIG…go into startup tab, uncheck anything not necessary for the system or at least the startup items in your task bar except for Comodo. Click ok, restart. You will get a prompt that tells you \warns that you have chosen selective startup, click yes, or ok. It’s easy to change it back after. Now you can see how fast Comodo starts. To reset, just do the steps above but on the general tab, click normal startup, ok, reboot. Everything is back.



One prob I had after was installed, was it crashed the system when I scanned for email using Poptray (an email notifier program).

It seems to be good so far after I changed DEP to the 2nd option, since this system doesnt support DEP. I dont know if it had a prob with Hyperthreading or something (The CPU uses HT and its enabled). And it wasnt until I installed the latest version of Comodo that it crashed the system 3 times. Until I changed DEP. The system was fine BEFORE was installed.

“This system doesn’t support DEP??” Your system or CPF?

Hyperthreading is used on this computer which i would install CPF on, will their be problems.

cheers, rotty

My system not CPF doesnt support HT.

Its just funny how it crashed (the system), after I installed the latest version of CPF.

It didnt crash before this was installed. (With HT enabled). And it was fine with the previous version of CPF.

DEP(Data Execution Prevention) is a part of Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later. It is an OS feature. CPF does not have such an error message as “This system doesn’t support DEP”. If enabling DEP crashes the PC, it should be because XP does not support your CPU. We will be looking into the issue to see more about possible symptoms.


This slow booting is about windows security center. We have fixed the issue which is also related to “Block all outgoing connections while booting” option. These 2 issues were because of the same reason.

Thx for the feedback,

Hi Egemen,

Great to know these issues are fixed! But when you say “we have fixed the issue,” do you mean the fixed version is available to download now? Or is this the fix that’s coming in the next week?


It will come on Tuesday. You will be able to update or download the new version, on Tuesday.


That SHOULD have read

My system not CPF doesnt support DEP

Glad to read that you fixed it already, I was having issues with a bad responding system after boot up also.
You guys are really quick in fixing issues. (B)

I still have this problem :‘( :’(

I’m sure the firewall works… but if the previous version was recognized, why not the new one :cry:
Some ‘bug’ in the new code.

I bet on something related to DEP or the “Block all outgoing connections while booting” option.
Something different in the code :frowning:

I truly can’t tell you. What I will say is that it recognized my previous version of Vcom, but not the version 6. Perhaps just a difference and I would assume that MS doesn’t update the security data base on different softwares. I don’t like\trust or use WSC so I can’ t go beyond what i’ve told you without looking into it, which I will do and get back to you on.




I have already replied to you in another thread. I would perhaps suggest keeping this in one area as it will get read. However , I will post the link here for you…,117422-page,1/article.html

For the details, look to your other thread you asked this in :wink:



I do not reach this point far.
I want it working, although I can trust other firewall tests and see that CPF is working…

Thanks Paul… but the I’ll monitor myself solution is a workaround… Lots of CPF users won’t trust it if Security Center is not working… sad but true :-\

Tech, when I said i don’t like or use it, it was to assure you that I didn’t know absolutely WHY it wasn’t working, not to sway you.

Also, this is NOT a workaround , or on Comodo’s end at least, MS should be the one to recognize other softwares, this is what the Security center is SUPPOSED to do, now if you have looked at the article correctly, the guy uses Sygate and it’s not detected, I use Vcom and it wasn’t detected, you use Comodo AV and it’s not detected, what would you assume this tells you?
If users won’t trust Comodo due to security center not telling them it’s on, then they are simply ill informed. Just because it’s microsoft doesn’t mean anything. I am sorry to sound harsh here and truly don’t mean to, but I don’t need a software to tell me if a web page is up, if my computer is on , or if I have a firewall installed and running. Perhaps if it had to tell others that their monitor is on, I would hope some could figure this out without it.
This is why I don’t like security center, if the green light is off, people like yourself go through all this worry , trouble and hassle to find the darn thing just won’t detect. Well, the choice is yours and I respect that and hope that perhaps you can report this to MS and tell them they need a fix so SC can detect your firewall\anti virus properly. Sorry it didn’t help.



Just security feeling… I know it’s different from security itself… but it’s good to ‘feel’ secure.

I agree with you. But I’m sure a lot of others won’t ‘trust’ in this behavior… It’s not the easier way to ‘convince’ the user. The user won’t ‘create’ a new monitoring rule… but, when it’s given by the operational system, it’s there, for ‘free’… it won’t hurts if CPF becomes detected by WSC.

Does SC recognize your CPF?
It won’t help report anything to MS… they’ll say “it’s a CPF fault”… :stuck_out_tongue:
Won’t help… I’m sure. MS is only of the ‘slower’ companies to ‘support back’ the user that reports errors, specially the ‘common’ and ‘small’ user :cry: