Comodo Personal Firewall Released

Hi Guys,
CPF is released now. All existing users of CPF version can upgrade to CPF using “updater” module of CPF
We have also updated the live setup to CPF_Setup_2.0.0.1.exe.

Following is a list of bugs fixed:

  1. Conflict with AVG e-mail scanner resolved. And CPF should not have any conflict with any other anti-virus e-mail scanner module as well.
  2. “News” tab which was not functional in CPF release is active.
  3. One of the major reported problems during license activation was error code: 2146697211, which has been fixed.
  4. In general CPF should better perform, should be faster and cpu friendly.
  5. Added a check box option “Enable Auto Updater” in “Advanced → Advanced Security Configuration”, that will be by default selected. When you de-select it, CPF will not check for availability of updates once a day.

Are there any new threats that this update protects you against?

One I know of is a leaktest mentioned (zabypass) which is currently supported in the new release.

Hi, i dont see this option in the advanced security configuration.

Hi efjay,

If you look at the bottom right (under Secure against trojan protocols) you should see Enable auto updater. If not check your version number is

Sorry AJohn, your are wrong. This not work good. The problem is the same that the previews version.

Yeah you are right ???

I could of swore I tried it and it failed, must have been for some other reason.

@mike6688, thanks for the pointer, i must have missed it before.

Ok, glad you found it.

im a bit stuck how do i gweeet that free serial any help would be greatfull :wink: :wink:


you can either request a license thru your CPF, that will take you to our website and you enter your details (email etc) and a license email (with serial number in it) will be sent to you within minutes…