Comodo PC Security Center

Comodo Organizes everything under three layers of protection.

  1. Prevention
  2. Detection
  3. Cure

Currently Everything is standalone… CIS/CBU/CSC/CVA etc etc
Why not Combine Them All in One App?

Call it what ever you wish… Security Center, Desktop Managment (Center)…

You may remove/add components as you wish (CSC/CVA/CBU/CAV/CDP(Comodo Defense+)/CFP etc etc…

Reasons Why This is a good idea:
One Place For Everything :slight_smile:
One Icon For Everything (Comodo Back Up/CIS/EasyVPN/CVA etc)
Simple Managment Of Systems Security… and for those Advance Users…
There are more. I’m sure… can’t think really…

Reasons Why This is a Bad Idea:
Bloat Comodo Is Professional at Not Making Bloat Ware :stuck_out_tongue:
Memory Comodo Is Professional at Making Resource Friendly Apps :stuck_out_tongue:
Can’t think of any other reason not too…

What you all think?

The Return Of A Moderator Has Come :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t agree with all these as one application. However, I will support the idea of grouping them all together (but separate) under one desktop controller app.

I can’t say I’d be terribly keen on a single all in one app, there’s enough in CIS already and from what I’ve heard, more is on the way.

Perhaps, as John suggests, having some sort of centralised control panel, would work, but it’s a fine line between being all inclusive and just having control from a central location.

I fully understand the reasoning behind the current CIS package, but adding applications that don’t really fit into this metaphor is not the righ way forward.

My two pennies…

Then A Control Panel… Thats what I Kind of meant…

So like LaunchPad But More Better ?


Actually, the more I think about this, the less I like it. As much as I like CIS, it’s enough. I really don’t want something sitting in my system tray that takes up resources I may never use.

Bad idea. :-TD
If that ever happens then that is the day Comodo leaves my computers.
:-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD

I agree with Luxor. The day CIS becomes bloated like other suites I’ll move forward to something else.

Why Do you say it’s bloated?..

I didn’t say it is bloated.

I said “the day it becomes…”

Honestly I wouldn’t prefer a setup as this. I like to add the most minimal amount of programs to computers I service as possible with my family as they for the most part leave all the maintenance to me. Extra programs like CSC, CBU, CVA and so forth would add to the complexity of CIS where it seems they are working on getting the opposite effect right now. This isn’t to say I do not use the other programs, for instance I always have CSC on my USB flash drive, but putting things on other systems that people typically don’t use just doesn’t seem like a correct move for CIS right now.

I would have to agree with this but to do it right I would ad a harddisk defrag program

They should stay separate. The CIS installer alone is big enough and not everyone installs all CIS components. An all-in-one installer containing all that stuff would just suck. :-TD


of course, when they plan such a suite. I would like it like the windows live installer.

best regards,