Comodo Password Manager [merged topic]

Comodo should make an application that creates secure passwords that are strong and easy to remember. Right now there are not many password managers out there and if Comodo ever made one, I bet it would be the best won around.

I imagine It’d be kinda hard to beat LastPass or KeyPass.

That’s a paradox, you cant have a strong password, if its easy to remember

+1, Im about to start using Steganos but i would much prefer a Comodo. Do any other members recomend LastPass or KeyPass?

Comodo did have one, iVault. That has been discontinued. It had some nice features (IMO) but only integrated automatically with IE, which was a big drawback. That left it being basically the same as KeyPass, where you have to manually access websites. With IE, it would work somewhat like LastPass does, to automatically log you into a website. It did have a secure copy/paste (not using Windows clipboard) for single-instance to transfer sensitive information stored within it’s interface.

gleach, as to LastPass or KeyPass, I use both and like each in their own way. LastPass is convenient for websites, but I don’t like storing some passwords there given that there is a repository on the web and within browser space. There is probably not a high realistic threat there, but I am somewhat paranoid… For a measly $13 USD for “Premium” membership, LastPass provides you access to an iPhone app if you’re into that.


Thanks Little Mac.

“sew3.mkji*UHBGT%[p]” is 19 chrs and very easy to remember, for me. And I think its quite strong… :wink:

One of the best ways to create a master password (to keepass or lastpass) is a few personal letters or numbers plus a keyboard pattern. :o

Since this topic was bumped, I might as well reply :D.

Yes you can. For example, think of spells in Harry Potter books, or something. Find strange words in a book you remember. Little chance of them in a dictionary attack. Put some special characters in a make a few uppercase and you have got yourself a password. :slight_smile:

LastPass FTW. :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :slight_smile:

Here’s another approach…

That's a paradox, you cant have a strong password, if its easy to remember.

The idea being that you similar to what slangen posted, you have a core phrase/sentence (possibly not as long as above). With slight modifications to include punctuation and numbers, take the first letter (or last) of each word to build your core phrase. Then if you want you can add something unique to one/both ends (a ‘salt’ if you will) on a case-by-case basis to increase the complexity even further.

And I think its quite strong...
And Keepass says it's 122-bit, which I think is good. (:CLP)


Ah, ok…thank you for your suggestion i will think about the spills of harry potter books…thanks again!!!

We need this so I can use Comodo browsers just like a lot of ppl out there otherwise I forced to use Google Chrome or Firefox. :frowning:

i’m agree this idea.

+1 for a built in password manager/encryption for comodo browsers.

I recently lost some accounts where i was using a strong 20+ char length password. now i start using unique passwords everywhere and a password manager would be helpful. :-TU

Like several others, I vote for a Comodo password manager. Ideally, one which offers both cloud or local storage options and smartphone apps to manage them for iOS/Android/Windows phone.

(and FREE, of course!)

Win7x64, IE9

i merged your topic with an existing one that request the same thing.

I’ve been using Lastpass for years. Recently tried Keepass, but it’s a little annoying using with browsers. I just found Dashlane, which seems promising. That being said, if Comodo came out with a decent password manager, I would probably ditch Lastpass.

Comodo did have a password manager years ago. I’m not sure why it was discontinued.

I’d like comodo to develop a password management tool like Keepass or last pass.

And more importantly they should improve existing products because some of them are very bad.

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Not sure if anyone has used this Internet Security Program called Webroot Secure anywhere but they had an awesome integrated PWM built in it gave a plugin for Firefox/IE/Chrome and it works very good! Their IS is ok’ish but CIS is way better!