COMODO Parental Control / Guardian


I think an application to control/monitor access on the internet would be usefull. Something that could resctrict access to certain websites, allow/deny certain web browsers, instant messengers, etc. Ideally, something to restrict what kids can and can’t access. It could be called something like Comodo Guardian or Comodo Parental Control.


+1! :-TU

Something like the unhappily discontinued Crawler Parental Control:

I hadn’t heard of Crawler Parental Control before but the screenshots looked good. Shame it’s discontinued :(.

I don’t know what similar “free” products are available but feel this would be a great addition to Comodo’s line of software and a “must have” for any person with young children.


+1 for the idea. :-TU

No one else with young children think this would make a usefull product? I would have thought a must have in this day and age :(.


this is a good idea for comodo to make
there is one you can use now for the mean time

K9 parental control
very easy to use

here is a vid that explains how to use it

hope this helps

+1… K9 is excellent,I have it installed on both my children’s PC’s, there used to be a conflict with Comodo and K9 a year or so ago but I can happily say that there is no issue any more, they both work perfectly together.

You could also try OPENDNS and select different options (adult material ETC) to be blocked
If you are not PC savy then the easiest to use is K9.

Thanks for the suggestions guys :-TU. I’ll certainly keep my eye on K9 unless Comodo develop their own parental control software.