Comodo Packed Image

Hi Guys,

Is this “packed” appearance in Process Explorer normal for Comodo? Or is my edition special? :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s there because cpf.exe is a packed runtime archive. Different from your normal archives runtime packed files are unpacked directly to the RAM and compressed files are decompressed to the hard disk. Mine is the same. :slight_smile:

A bit off-topic: ocky, I saw your post at Wilders and had a similar problem with NOD32’s slow memory scan because CFP is run-time packed. Did you ever fixed it?


Thank you! Good news!

Hi there Soyabeaner! :wink:


Hi Michele (:WAV).

So I take it that cfp.exe is like this to conserve disk space consumption?


You’re asking me? LOL!


Or anyone who knows the answer :D. The words packed and archives represent something that has been compressed or condensed from its original or true size, no? 8)

The advice I was given over at Wilders was simply to exclude cpf.exe from scanning (in AMON).
As it doesn’t bug me unduly I have not excluded it, but am sure that this will speed up the memory scan.