Comodo out of AVComparatives Whole Product Dynamic Test (2010), again.

Here it is,
The final report will be publish in December.

Now what? after so many promises and years nobody knows how good is Comodo AV compared with others, or how good is CIS protecting their users.

Melih, if you really wanted to challenge Norton or any other product, you lost the best chance. Maybe the next year…

Melih any clarification for this?

he is not online right now.

Well, we have time :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… it’s a pity.

Don’t give up hope yet. :wink:

CIS 5 went final Sept 14.

The partial report is for August, and they have separate product tests as well.

Just saying.


I think comodo has applied for the on-demand tests but not for this test.

Why? Isn’t this the type of test Melih wanted?

They were supposed to test 4.1.

Why would a person subject his old software to new test?

What would it prove for people using CIS 2011?

Not saying 4.1 doesn’t protect, but at this stage why bother.


Because when we asked about it, you (Comodo) said you already submitted 4.1 in august or something, and it takes time for av-comparatives to test the software.

Darn I wanted to see Comodo tested.

Well I’ll just wait and see what Melih says.

This will always happen. You need to choose a deadline to use the products (because they’re always improving, releasing updates, etc.). It’s a pity that CIS 2011 was not released yet. Hope it enter the next text (maybe next year).

PC Magazine also regrets the missing of Comodo in that test.

Only West Coast Labs tested Comodo, certifying it for virus detection but not for virus removal.

Really said! I was checking almost each day, waiting for the test. We were said at least 2 months ago that COMODO will be tested in the next AV-C test. :frowning: ???

maybe Melih can get them to add 2011 from this month forward.

If comodo was not tested till now it would take at least 3-4 months till the next test.
And if the latest test will be on-demand i am not sure they’ll take comodo for next one because next will be the proactive test that means they conserve AVs that participated in the last on demand test and don’t update them for a month or even more and then test. If i am right the next chance for comodo will be in 6 months at least :frowning:

I was looking forword to seeing comodo in this test this time. :frowning:


Believe me, we are pushing to be in these tests…

but these dynamic tests are for companies who are in the Main tests only (read their document).

So for us to be in these dynamic tests, we have to be in the Main tests.

We did apply to be in the Main tests. As soon as we are in the main tests, we hope to see us in these Dynamic Tests too.


True but they also say

We may test also other products which are not part of the main test-series, but only separately and for a limited time-period. In this type of test we use Internet Security Suites

So that means that you could theatrically get into this this for a few tests at least.