Comodo Os

Hi guys well isn’t it the time that comodo Create an Os Based on Linux
well alot of other Companies has rescue disk but that not the same

how about an installable Rescue disk ?
something Like ubuntu Filled with comodo product and enhanced security that can be both used as an OS + a rescue disk
you already have a Linux AV

i think it would be a Great idea

Why not just grab an OS from open source and write a script?
Comodo is a security company and therefore I am totally against the development of an OS.

i compeletely agree

I was thinking the same thing… :-TU

why not i feel pretty secure when using comodo Product

not just an opend source it can be a rescue disk all of the security companies has a rescue disk

why not to step things up alittle and make a small OS secure by default
anyway it’s your choose to develop one or don’t maybe it’s wiser to keep focusing on Windows Product

I agree. :-TU

Heck, there isn’t even CIS for Linux, the best you could do is CAV and Dragon, and their DNS. Then stick a Comodo wallpaper on it. :smiley:

I would say it would be better sticking to securing the operating systems that are already available and widely used VS. making an OS and trying to get people to switch to it. You would also be looking at A LOT of compatibility issues if they were to make an OS from the ground up. If they used an open source kernel like Linux which is already decently secure it would work but most average users would stick with Windows or Mac anyhow, so all it would be securing would be those of us who know how to stay secure the way it is.