Comodo Or Zone Alarm

what do you think comodo or zone alarm

comdo is my choice (L) (R) (S)

i think this is so obvious what the answer is (:TNG)

I voted anyway… ;D


This is Comodo’s forum. What did you expect?

Maybe I should vote for the alternative to make this poll more fair, what do you think? ;D

I joke because I love (:LOV)

Comodo of course (L)

Definitely Comodo as I voted!

I was a ZA user and installed it many computers until read this:

Comodo is simple, fast and strong. Nowadays, everybody says Comodo!


Zone Alarm seems so lonely, so maybe I will vote for Zone Alarm so it is not starting to cry, just because everybody vote for Comodo :wink:


Bluesman, unlike some other forums (which shall remain nameless) we do not ban members for siding with competitor products ;D

hmm… maybe we should…


(only joking)…

i left Zone Alarm because of problems with event logging on there pro version. (not that i payed for it) Apprantly the Pro version cannot use event logging as one of the programs used True Vector Voice crashes and i kept loosing internet connection then i did a search on best free firewall and came across this

so i came 2 comodo

had a few minor problems over the past few weeks but posting forum threads has helped

Thanks Every One For Your Help :BNC (S)