comodo & opera & sandboxie

hi all,
i run CPF, everything is fine (CPF is great firewall).
im using Opera 9.2 under sandboxie 2.86
just now i ran LVTD ( a Vietnamese Dictionary program and a clean program), then comodo popup asked me whether to allow opera connect to internet with a security warn >:( that dicthook.dll (a dll of LVTD, i wan to attach it but cannot) is a ‘global hook’ (not remember exactly but quite sure :P) and can use Opera to connect to internet.
i think LVTD nothing to do with internet ??? so i deny it temporarily (meaning uncheck ‘remember this…’)
→ >:( can not use opera to surf but still can surf with IE.
if turn application control off then can use opera.
i then scan comodo for known apps-cant fix the problem.
in component control, dont have dicthook.dll or any component of LVTD.
in app control, remove opera, then add opera with any setting also cant work, only way to use opera is to turn off app control.
if turn off app control temporarily, surf opera in a specific domain,then turn it on, can surf opera within that exact domain. :-
tried to turn on/off other setting but doesnt matter, only app control matter
after a while, i also cannot use IE (■■■■)

finally,i delete all content of sandbox, can surf again.

altho the problem was solved, i stil dun know the actual problem.
i elaborate very carefully here, can u explan, thanx. (L)