Comodo + Opera 8.54 file download problem

When I try to download a file (any file) in Opera I get a message

(meaning = “file access denied”)

I can still download it using resume or download again option in Opera transfers tab. The problem disappears after I disable Comodo Application Agent (cmdagent.exe). Is there any way to fix it?


I’m not sure, but it might be the same problem as for Firefox, so try reading this and this topic.



That’s strange, what I got when I tried to download exe files was D+ popups about protected files being created (I created allowing rules for that), but that error from Opera itself sounds like the file is not accessible over the network in the first place. However I have the latest Opera v9.25, so I can’t tell how v8.54 works.

I have Defense+ disabled. This happens on my two PCs with similar configuration, doesn’t matter whether the system is newly installed or not. I don’t want to upgrade Opera, the new version is much slower than the 8.xx one especially on my older computer.

Is it only me having this kind of problem?