Comodo opens up in full window on Windows startup [Solved]

After I first installed the free Comodo Firewall, it would come up nicely hidden in the system tray on Windows startup. Lately, however, it opens in a full window at every boot. I believe this started happening after I installed the last Comodo software update. When I look in the options, I see the “launch program on system startup” option selected. Is there anything I can do to make it go back to its original behavior of coming up only as an icon in the system tray?

Welcome to the Forum, Ogrfnkl.

Make sure the -h switch is included at the end of the command line.
Also, make sure you don’t have two command lines trying to start CFP.exe. If there is, remove one of them.

Thanks John, there were, in fact, two instances of CFP in the startup list. Removing one of them fixed the problem.