Comodo online scanner


Someone give me that link today : Anti Virus Scan | Free Online Scanner to detect Viruses and Spyware

On firefox, i have an error (see attached screen)

It works on IE but database is only the 3083

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Hi Shaoran,

I was able to reproduce that in FireFox 3.6

As you see I allowed all scripts, Cross-Pages, etc.

Tested with Fox Portable, where no add-ons /Plug-Ins installed yet and I got the same negative result.

It can be some incompatibility with on-line Scanner Plug-In despite Fox doesn’t Alerts you about it.

Currently there are many add-ons / plug-ins compatibility issues that were introduced by Fox v3.6 (Comodo Vengine included)

I’m sure developers will look into this.

My regards

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