Comodo Online Backup Fails CONSTANTLY

Why does Comodo Online backup fail so often? I have no confidence that ANY of my files are ever being backed up. I have to babysit the application, and watch it complete EVERY DAY to make sure my important files are actually backed up.

And then today, it just says “Unauthorized Error”… and I have to say, that is VERY descriptive error message.

What the heck is going on with my account?

We ran into a similar problem, the backup had been running fine for a few months and then all of a sudden every backup failed. The message was simply windows encountered an error and had to close the program. This only happened with the automated backup or the scheduled backup. If you did a manual backup it worked fine. The problem turned out to be windows defender which had turned itself back on after a windows update.

Thanks Dave, but even now when I run it manually, it still just says “Unauthorized Error”. Window’s Defender is still turned off, and my firewall hasn’t made any changes… it’s managed my Symantec. I’ve even turned it off, and tried to Manually backup my PC.

I guess what is more frustrating, is the lack of cooperation and help from Comodo’s support department. They seem to be ok with the fact that I haven’t been able to backup my PC in over a week now.

Any and all help is appreciated.

Ours too is now giving us the “unauthorized error” I have a service ticket in but no answers yet., I Called Comodo technical support in Virginia today and was directed to sign up for online support. I don,t need online support, I need specific support for COB client software. The backup fails immediately upon connecting to their (comodo,s) server with an “unauthorized error”. I am running windows 7 pro and everything is updated. Tried using a different computer on a different ISP, same thing. Same thing on IE or Firefox. Something is wrong with COMODOS front end authentication on their server, or their client software. No problem logging in to their account management to buy more space so the log in and password is just fine.
I hope somebody in Comodo is reading this forum.

here is the last email from support:
Hi Dave,

Thank you for your mail.

Please send us your account detail(user name) with the version of COB you are using, error screen shot when you restore which will help us to assist you better.

Technical Support

Ticket Details

Ticket ID: OXX-914296
Department: PC Security Software
Priority: Urgent

I did supply that information yesterday.

I installed CB_2.2.127000.12_Comodo_BU_Setup_xp_vista_server2003_server2008_win7.exe in March 2010.

So far, it has succeeded in creating one backup of the registry – or claiming to do so.

Every single attempt to backup up ANYTHING AT ALL has failed with an Error 4. I’ve tried to create a disk copy, a copy of all the files on a disk, a copy of selected directories on a disk, and a single directory on a disk – nothing. Error 4 – in one case after tying up my computer for over 6 hours before it failed.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the product to no avail.

I’m utterly disgusted. I’m so angry that I’m at the point of wanting to publish an attack on this product in my Network World Security Strategies column.

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