Comodo Online Backup [beta 4]

Comodo Online Backup is a tool allowing you to schedule automatic backup of certain folders/files.
Backed up data are stored online in Comodo’s storage.

You can also trigger backup manually.

Backup supports versioning so that you can restore today’s snapshot, yesterday’s snapshot, the day before yesterday’s snapshot etc. Only the space of storage is the limit. Of course, unchanged files don’t eat extra space. You can free up storage space deleting old unneeded snapshots.

Some of other features Comodo Online Backup currently have:

  • data encryption
  • data can be compressed - so that it requires less space and it can transferred from/to server faster
  • traffic throttling - you can limit data transfer speed for backup/restore so that it don’t affect your normal Internet usage
  • filter specific types of files you want to back up
  • flexible scheduling of backup (we can everything Windows scheduler can - i.e. “back up after 3 hours of idle time”, “don’t backup while on batteries”, “back up every day”…)
  • you can restore whole snapshot or only certain files
  • you can restore files to their original places or to a specified directory

… and more cool features in next versions :wink:

While Comodo Online Backup is in beta you can get 2 GB of storage for free.
To get an invitation, post your email address in this topic.

We invite everybody to try out this new service!

Client can be installed using this link:

If it doesn’t work for some reason then use:

Request invitation codes to evaluate Comodo Online Backup beta here.

A couple of screenshots attached to give an idea how Comodo Online Backup looks: 1, 2.
I’ll add more later.

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Looks like a nice initiative. :-TU (although I currently don’t intend to join myself)

I was just thinking, perhaps they could send it in a PM to you instead? I guess some people wish to keep their addresses more private.


Yeah, PM will work also.

Using my extraordinary thinking powers that aliens have, I found out that the link you gave didn’t work (at least not for me). After snooping around a bit, I found that this link is the actual download:

Bug Report thread here.

alexey_tigarev, Will this replace the current Comodo Backup program now or is this a charge-for service and it’s different?


For most cases, this link should work:

IE handles button click there in a special way so that setup.exe is not needed. For other browsers, button click should result in setup.exe download and launch, which downloads and installs everyhting else.

However link you provided may serve as workaround in cases something work not as expected. I will add it to the first post.

I suppose you were using Firefox? Can you say what exactly happened when you tried to install using first link? Was Javascript enabled?

Thanks for bug report thread creation. :-TU

At the moment, Comodo Online Backup is a separate service and supports online backup only.
It is very likely that Comodo Online Backup will replace Comodo Backup (backing up to HDD/CD/FTP etc will be added later), but not very soon.

Thanks for the reply.

So you would probably have, In the future the “Online Backup” as a charge for service, but to backup HDD/CD, etc it can be free? Kind of like how Comodo Internet Security is free, but you can pay 40 bux a year for the Pro version which offers remote-help services like malware removing, etc. I can certinaly understand why Comodo does charge for services. It’s good deal since each free/pro version like CIS has the same features but has those extra services.

I guess it’s still all in the plan! :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s an issue with Firefox… It’s happened in the past when the Moderators were using the mod versions. I’m using Opera 10 Alpha and all works fine.


I am not the person who decides on business model but to my understanding that would be exactly the case.
Online storage will be a paid subscription service, and other features will be free.

Thanks for clarifying, you answered my question. :slight_smile:


If the service turns out to be attactive when out of beta I’ll seriously consider a subscription. Today I have one backup (exernal HDD) of all my files and two backups (external HDD + DVD discs) of a few things. But I’d like to have two or in some cases maybe even three backups of everything, and just as important, I want this backup to be at another place than my own physical home. That’s the main flaw right now - in case of a burglary or fire I’ll lose it all. Thus, Comodo is interesting.

Looking forward to see the final result. :slight_smile:


Currently I use Live Mesh to back-up my important files online and sync with other computers (5GB so far), SkyDrive to share files (25GB), and Acronis True Image and Titan Back-Up to back-up files and images onto a external HD.

Well, it seems like Firefox (what I use) tries to download that link, and so when I open it in FF the .htm file tries to start a “setup.exe” in the same directory I downloaded it to, but of course it couldn’t find it because it wasn’t there.

So I decided there must be a “setup.exe” in the same directory I downloaded it from, and there was.

I didn’t check it with IE or Opera though, so I don’t know how it works there.

Oh…if I will have to pay for online storage after the beta, I may not want to take the time to back-up my files to it. :-\ (I love free stuff…)

Comodo Online Backup needs .NET, right?

Does Comodo Online Backup work with Opera browser? I realize it’s a completely separate program, right? ???


Poor LA…he got rid of .NET a long time ago… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is separate. It certainly seemed to be when I tried it.

I suppose that some amount of storage will remain free, but after beta you will be able to purchase extra storage space.

Comodo Online Backup requires .Net and it must install it automatically if you don’t have one already installed.

And it is a separate from any browser. However it is distributed in a way so it can be installed from browser (using Microsoft’s ClickOnce technology).

Thanks for clarifying. (L)

This generated a wish from me. :slight_smile: