Comodo on Wakoopa

First, there is a Comodo team on Wakoopa if any of you are members there. (And if you want to be a member at Wakoopa, I’d like you to ask me to send you an invite so I can get some points ;D)

Anyway, a lot of Comodo’s products are also listed there. Two problems:

  1. I suggested a merge between Memory Firewall and CIS, as MF was discontinued and CIS has the same protections. But they merged CIS and MF, and then took all the descriptions of MF and added them to CIS too (as they are the same product now, in Wakoopa’s reckoning). Cough So now CIS is called Memory Firewall 88). Of course, I changed it as soon as I found out about the problem. Just waiting for it to get approved (I’m looking forward to when I get a few more points, so I can edit without needing approval).

  2. There are a lot of Comodo programs listed when you search for “Comodo” than there should be, or some of them are discontinued. For example, there is a “C. Registry Cleaner” and a “C. System Tweaker”, but no Comodo System Cleaner. But I’m working on “trimming” it. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! Really appreciate it…