Comodo on malaware protection

If u go to this site

u will see in the security section it says that Comodo is not the right firewall to protect against malaware?

It is very good for leak tests (thats really good as i need outbound protection) but it was not good to protect against malaware.

Also in another section it says a lot of bugs>

So will the bugs be fixed? or are they all already fixed? also better malaware protection? (btw they could develop a plugin to specificly protect against malaware)

Well, I won’t dwelve into this too much as this version is passe’, some things they said are false like the log saving. Mine still shows all and I have restarted many times. Either way, I do have a question as well as this being an answer and hopefully Melih can quickly put this into perspective…

How can a site such as this, sell reports or bug issues, etc… Isn’t this using Comodo information for personal gain? OR any company for that matter. So likely if I find a bug wit Comodo, I can sell what I report on this? I am far from a specialist in the marketing industry but can’t help wonder how this is right.


As far as I know this is old news, and Melih already responded in another topic on this ( I can’t remember were ). In his answer he explained that some of these issues are already solved in v2.4.

Greetz, Red.