Comodo On Demand Scan (Static Analysis) Test

12062024malwarebazaar.txt (34.9 KB)
Samples from MalwareBazaar.

This one is best.

but this open source does NOT detect unknowns, we do!


I believe that because it is an on-demand test, Comodo is horrible at detecting it, I know it needs to improve a lot.
I could do this test against self-restraint to see if the result is different.

COMODO team, please improve virus detection, because this way you will lose to all antivirus on the market.

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Because Comodo is good at dynamic analysis.

Our market is NOT people who don’t understand the difference between detection and protection.
Our market is people who understands and want Zero Trust.

Anyone who wants legacy based “detection” to protect themselves can go and use any other legacy AV products :slight_smile:


You can improve detection by using this open source antivirus in cloud.

Better than Norton signatures but have some big false positives.

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Or create an option in the program so that users can add their own Sigma and Yara rules to enhance the detection capabilities of individual threats.

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