Comodo On-Access Scanner - Bug

There’s a strange bug in Comodo.
I was continuously trying to save excel (2007) file when I used to get “Sharing Violation”. I searched the web to get rid of this error, but it all appeared to be related to network based operation. However my file was on my local drive. Then I disabled the On Access Scanner of Comodo Antivirus, and tried to save the file, it got saved. Enabled the scanner and the problem returned.
Please have a patch released for this.

There won’t be any patches for CAVS 2 :frowning: But stick with us, cos we’re having CAVS 3 BETA coming out REAL soon :slight_smile:

Indeed as Commodus stated already : the development for CAVS 2 has stopped. All the developers are now working on CAVS 3 which should be released the end of Juli :slight_smile: