COMODO Offline Updater Released

Hi Guy’s,

Comodo has released the long awaited Comodo Offline Updater for CIS

Download Location

32 & 64 Bit: COU_Setup_1.0.43.33_XP_Vista_x32_x64.msi
Size: 2MB ( 2256896 )
MD5: 47428FB82A21D08717F49976609C4201
SHA1: 0304AE2F1C678122C5C80BFF95D163AAD63B81FD

System requirements:

  • .NET 2.0 or higher;
  • Windows Installer 3.11.


Beware that this tool downloads a lot of data, over 2GB on the current release train 3.11/3.12. For CIS 3.11/3.12 users please open settings, and untick “automatically detect” select av/updates310 and change it to av/updates311, now enable “automatically detect” again, this will save you the download of the 3.10 ESM release bases, you have to restart the service to apply the settings.

Questions & Answers

Q: How to make CIS use this updater host instead of the internet version?
A: Open the CIS GUI and go to Misc> Settings> Connections tab and change to the computer name or IP address of the system you installed Comodo Offline Updater on. Example:, http://intranet1, etc. Press Apply and check for updates.
Note: the offline updater has to finish downloading all files first before it starts to serve the latest updates.

Q: What web server shall i use?
A: This is up to you. Even the small freeware AnalogX Simple Server (place a HTML file into the Working Folder) can handle the requests.

Q: What ports shall i use?
A: You need to change a port. Either COU’s or the web server port, as both the COU and a web server can’t use the same port 80! I suggest using a non default port in your COU software.

Q: What shall be the default www root directory?
A: The www root should be equal with COU’s Working Directory (e.g. D:\COMODO and D:\COMODO).


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:o :o

What on earth for?? ???

It hosts a few “full” databases and all “incremental” updates to be able to facilitate all CIS versions from AV database 1 to the latest current…

Seems like a bit of overkill.

I’m willing to bet that 99% of the people asking for an offline updater aren’t looking for something so comprehensive. Just a simple, this PC has the current AV database, let the rest of my network grab it…

Great, I guess this could help the common home users (with like hundreds of computers or more) save some bandwidth… :-TU :-TU Iam so going to use this… 88) 88)

Really whats the gain?? I seriously doubt anyone would bother with such a large download, you need to have lots of computers if there should be any gain (only looking at bandwidth…)

Not so impressed…


You can please some the people some of the time

But ya sure can´t please all of the3 people all of the time LoL

Thanks Ronny

:smiley: >:-D

Please remember that this product is part of the ESM package and that it’s aimed at the Enterprise Networks with lot’s of clients !!

I fail to see any reason to download past updates. There should be a way to set it to only get the latest DB file. I also don’t like that it requires .NET. I don’t have any version of .NET installed and wouldn’t want to change that.

Why I’m not so impressed?

Could you just give us a link to the latest database?

If no, I will continue using other AV.


I can’t get it to work on winXP SP2 x32 (PC IP address, via a router to the Internet).

I am running CIS 3.12.111745.560 - 2517. Having followed the instructions, the Updater :-

  • downloaded 1.9GB of data to C:\Windows\Temp\tmp14.tmp to tmp1AC0.tmp (1957 files)
  • created 2 EMPTY folders C:\Program Files\Comodo\Offline Updater\Data\av\updates310 and updates311

If I run CIS - Miscellaneous - Check For Updates, - Start, it quickly Fails with the message :-
“Error 106: Update could not be completed. Not able to connect
to Internet, please check your Internet connection settings.”

If I run CIS - Antivirus - Update Virus Database it quickly goes to 5% and then Fails with the message :-
“Failed to update the virus signature database.
Please check your internet connection and try again later.”

It needs to finish more, then it will copy those tmp files to the udpates311 etc folders they have to show up there like BASE… number.cav if not then it’s not finished the initial download…

Also please check the download logfile on the updater…

Rebooted PC & Updater started downloading again. Now up to v2309.cav (Total Downloaded = 3.5GB)

After stopping & restarting the Updater, its downloading from v1844.cav again. I’ve now down loaded 3.8GB (1980 files).

This updater is obviously not for mere mortals. I give up - I’ll stick to my manual update method.

Yep mine did same thing. It took about 9.5 hours to download. It created the temp file, then moved the files to the correct folders

so far looks good

you must be downloading 3.10 & 3.11

I did the change it to av/updates311, so the 3.10 ESM release bases should not have been downloading.

The current Offline Updater may be OK for Enterprise Network clients, but all I need are the incremental files downloaded by the CIS “Update Virus Database” and then be able to choose when to apply them.

I’ve got 3 non-networked PCs. If the Offline Updater allowed users to specify an incremental update start point, then it would be worthwhile using.

Well as it’s just version one i think we can “wish” a few things here and there :wink:
Shouldn’t be to difficult to prevent this large “enterprise” stuff so home use would become a bit easier…

Is there a simple single offline updater in exe format for everyday users? Just with the latest updates so it could be used to update about 10 computers offline?

Not yet. We can only hope


Yes, let’s hope. It would be a nice feature.

Thank you for your reply.