comodo OEM ?

I’d say not, but some of the icons & UI components look remarkably similar. 88)

Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, but this is just nasty!!

+1 ;D


Daaaaaaamn! What an ugly interface! :o
My 6yrs old son could make better one…

At least the grass is watered. :o

Seriously I totally agree, nasty. :slight_smile:

VT Result.

Its a zip file. Hope downloaded the right one.

Another one seems clean.

Comodo have been notified

I wondered where all those old CIS v4’s went to after we all upgraded to v5, and now I know ;D ;D ;D

The designer of this horridness should be shot on sight. And just a notification to the designer, there are tools better than MS Paint you know…

:-TU :smiley:

I will send a copy of Tux Paint to them ;D

The picture on the web site is in CIS 5 black and resembles CIS even more.

That being said, what a louzy art work and not flattering at all… :wink:

Must be a bunch of kids trying to do something. But they are definetly not in right direction.

Some of our technologies and ideas are literally followed by some known security vendors as well. If you look at others, you will see sandboxing/autosandboxing, geekbuddy, trustconnect with other names or sometimes similar names. Well ideas are good. So why wouldnt they follow if they can?

However there are some companies who literally stole our IP and they know themselves very well…1 in US and 2 out of US.