comodo occupies the 10th position in

comodo occupies the 10th position in

Comodo the worst AV ;D

I wonder about the methodolgy


And the winner still has 1 zero-day miss… >:-D

I think we shouldn’t worry about this until AVC test comes out…

Interesting. I wonder if they took CIS recommend?

Valentin N

If the test is done with the AV part only i.e minus D+ & SB, then I agree with the detections & FP’s scores.


They tested CIS as a suite

You mean with D+ & SB, then the scores are really very poor.

I’ve read now a review of CIS 5.0 and they tested a suite with firewall, D+ and sandbox. May be they tested it wrong again, putting files in a sandbox as partially blocked or not blocked. I don’t know.

The question is: Did any one of those malware they tested can bypass the CIS protection?

Let them answer this question :wink: and…let them test all other applications to see how many of these malware can bypass them too when executed…

time for a reality check…this “detection” game that AV industry plays is unethical, against the end user security and ■■■■ right wrong and doesn’t measure product’s protection ability.

The question of: I will put all these malware code on a harddisk and lets see if you can detect it or not is old news…

In the hands of Expert Users CIS Protection will always be 99.99% which is app. 100%

But in the hands of Average Users CIS Protection depends on AV Detection Capability & Users Reply.
If your AV Detection Average is 70% then the remaining 30% protection depends on the Users & the whole protection can be anywhere based on the Users reply 71%, 72%, …99.99%. So the higher the AV detection the higher the CIS Protection for Average Users & less trouble (popups) & they will try to learn the very ocassional popup they will get then & may learn to reply correctly.


When CIS det. rat. would be app. 99%(maybe someday with DACS :P) i

All malware will be “Unknown” and will be “automatically sandboxed” if they are not in the blacklist.

Again, has anyone seen a user reporting that they got infected while they are using CIS…an average user? we have 35M users and growing and its time to start looking forward guys and backward to “old methods” of testing which is outdated and doesn’t apply…


comodo’s autosandboixing is a great feature tha is made for less and to help average user. I would also like to poiny that people need to make research of the downloaded software.

Melih… Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Valentin N

I know all the malwares will be autosandboxed & its good infact too good but what about those malwares who gets autosandboxed & further popups are there. How will an average user will know to allow/block, coz a file getting autosandboxed only means thats its unknown & not that its a malware.


Melih does make a valid point though.Since no product will ever detect 100% of malware,then what happens with the missed stuff is extremely important.

Looking at the results there it would appear that ‘the best’ product (Norton) missed 5% of the zero day threats entirely.If these then went on to cause real issues then despite a great detection rate it will still have failed the end user.

The auto-sandboxing within CIS is still far from perfect (Sandboxie :P),but nevertheless it offers a useful safety net that shouldn’t be underestimated.

In my personal opinion that looks like a sales site trying to push a product to sale. Sorta like a department store recommending a certain product cause they have a large quantity of a product or they are getting a kickback off sales. I maybe wrong but we all know Comodo and even Kapsersky (even though i dont use KAV myself) are the two best on the market. I believe Comodo was ranked 10th more on the reason its a free AV suite they wont be making any money from. 8)

Merry Xmas to everyone at Comodo and all the Guys and Gals of the Comodo forums, 

I suggest Comodo inform them that it also offers a Pro version, so the site can test the Pro version fairly and make money out of it.

spot on Richard :wink: