COMODO !nstallation Failure? plz...(pictures)

hello peeps,

Hope somebody can help because i have to use Zone ALarm now and i prefer COMODO ;D

Afther i’ve installed comodo firewall i can run the application BUT inside comodo firewalll i am UNABLE to TURN ON ALL FEATURES resulting in A POOR SECURITY PROTECTION.

i’ve also added a picture of the prompt i get from COMODO saying that i have to reïnstall the application.

Afther reïnstalling COMODO i am STILL unable to PUT ON THE SECURTIY FEATURES

Here are the pictures:

THX in advance

~S3CuR!TY GNoM3~

Mine is doing the same, i was using the latest stable available from this site, i upgraded to a newer beta version, now the application/network monitor will not start. Ive tried uninstalling and reverting to the original stable version, as well as an older stable version without any success in getting the various modules to run. Oh well. Hopefully the new stable on 4th of january will work.


If there is no other sollution to this problem… i guess we’ll just have to wait and hope fore the new stable version to run properly… if not… were f*cked

Does one of the moderators have any input on this problem?

Thx and happy hollidays

~S3CuR!TY GNoM3~