comodo now is sectigo

In search for something I came across this page:

We already knew of the takeover. But I didn’t know of the new name and logo.

But nothing changes for users.

Does it mean the days of CIS are numbered? :-\;msg884579#msg884579

I don’t think so. For us it would be only another name not a change which would change security. But ‘comodo’ is so familiar to me! :slight_smile:

Sectigo is a entire different company, completely unrelated to Comodo Cybersecurity. CIS will stay as it is, there is nothing to worry about.

There does appear to be some confusion around as just listened to the Security Now podcast #716 and it has been said on there that Sectigo is part of COMODO ??

The reason it has been spoken about is that most malware signed by ’ good ’ certificates comes from COMODO SA & Sectigo :- Security Now show notes pages 10 & 11

Abusing Code Signing for Profit. Signing a Windows executable file was… | by Chronicle | Medium Main Code signing abuse artical & investigation

Link amended

Fixed link. JoWa