Comodo now BOClean : Anti-Spyware Version 4.23? Now Detects spyware? [resolved]

BOClean : Anti-Spyware Version 4.23


Did it get renamed and additional spyware detection or just incorrect name listed?

I hope it detects spyware (:KWL)

I too am confused ???. What is the name of the program, BOClean Anti-Malware or BOClean Anti-Spyware or are there in fact two separate programs?.

No there is just one program. I think the webdesign boys made a mistake :THNK

The official name is : Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware (:NRD)

Greetz, Red.

BOClean detects/kills spyware.

I’ll try to clarify for the curious what Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware is so someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware is a malware protection application (Malware being the operative word).

Malware = Malicious Software

Malware is NOT a different type of threat from Spyware or a Virus.

Malware (Malicious Software) is an umbrella name which includes multiple types of threats like:

trojan horse programs

among some other things. But beware, BOClean IS NOT 100% protection against threats. But it IS a great second line of defense combined with your Realtime Monitoring Anti-Virus and Spyware apps.

So keep your current Realtime Monitoring Anti-Virus and Spyware programs and give them an assistant like BOClean to catch what may slips by your Realtime Monitoring Anti-Virus and Spyware program. Their should be no conflict with BOClean.

You explained it very well m8 :slight_smile:

Btw. they changed the name on the website :wink:

Greetz, Red.

he he…
slight miscommunication with web guys… its being changed to malware soon…