Comodo now blocks malicious malwaredomains!

Yup secure DNS now blocks them i went over to malwaredomainlist and did some testing i am impressed.

Thank you!

This is only the beginning guys…we have so much more we are cooking up :wink:


That’s good news indeed. I am using Comodo DNS on my router instead of the ISP’s DNS. I’ve been using the DNS addresses since they were first announced. :slight_smile:

Great service. If i was a norton guy, i would be afraid. :stuck_out_tongue: Keep it up comodo. With such an arsenal, the corporate/business customers will soon come to you.

can post some screenshot of the block page?


Nvm… Already found it… Changing to it now.

i hope you dont hold out on us to much longer Melih. dont keep your loyal users waiting forever :wink:

Please don’t let us wait much more, we can’t sleep awaiting for this new feature :stuck_out_tongue:

Any news/updates/improvements regarding SecureDNS?
Languy, when can we expect to see your test?

Well… it works fine, I’m using it.

There were some tests here:

And I think LanGuy99 did some ping tests, and SecureDNS did great.

Ping test is only relevant when comparing ... ... 22 and 25, but they are in the same subnet. I can not understand why Comodo has made the division into non-english countries. For me traceroute identical.

When comparing multiple DNS services important criterion is not ping, important time for the server processes the request and gives an answer. Ping test is just a test network - should do when choosing the DNS provider has already been made and he has several sets of IP addresses.


yea sorry, by ping test I meant how fast the server resolve the address. (not the same thing, I know :slight_smile: )

I can’t use COMODO DNS server…my internet would become slow. Streaming is mostly affected.

What do you mean? Streaming video and audio?


For a user from Greece would it be a good idea to use the SecureDNS service or it will slow down my web surfing experience?

Since DNS servers only come into play for the initial URL lookup, streaming and downloading speeds won’t be affected by your choice of DNS servers.