Comodo now blocks all messenger services [RESOLVED]

Everything worked fine, until i updated to v3 & now my windows live messenger or any older versions aswell as trillian, yahoo & aim wont connect to the net. On msn, it says messenger is not connected to .net service.

However, im using the same version on 2 other systems via the same wireless network & all works fine.

I have done 5 xp re installs & i installed the fw first, then updated xp n everything else & then msn, but still fails to load on error 8100030d all the time.

It says the msn messenger is trusted program. Is there any way to use an older version of comodo without it forcing you to update? if i cont resolve this, i may have to look for alternative firewall.

You need to look at D+ to see if there is anything being blocked. Try putting D+ and the firewall in training mode.


Are you sure it’s related to CFP? Try disabling the firewall and see if it works. If it doesn’t work then, the problem isn’t caused by CFP.
Do you have anything related to your messenger client in the firewall logs? What’s your current rules for your messenger client, and what global rules do you use?
What mode is the firewall and Defense+ set to?


the rule for msn is allow trusted. I have set it to training & tried to log in & failed. I have changed all settings & even uninstalled the firewall & tried msn & it still fails. However it all worked perfectly fine until i updated it to v3.

Also, when i to a clean install of windows & msn, it works fine, then i install comodo fw & it blocks it & even uninstalling it still dosnt fix it. It used to randomly happen before, but a pc restart fixed it, but now its dead set on never ending problems.

Edit… I checked Defence + events log & msn messenger dosnt show up?

Exactly what is set to training mode? The firewall and D+? You can manually add MSN messenger also to D+.

Well, i did a 6th re install of xp. I installed avast av, installing all xp updates as we speak & live messenger is now working. I will edit this post when i make sure all is working again & then again when ive installed comodo fw & give the results of that. However, i will make a system restore point before i install the fw so if the fw blocks it, i know i can go back so it works, this will work right?

May I ask why your doing 6 installs? Are you doing a qucik format or a low level format. Low level is alot better. I have had the same XP install for 5 years now. Yes make a restore point before doing anything.

i do low levels & ye, before my problems i had same install for around 4 years or so & i got a setup that installs my os in like 10 mins or so.

Anyways, i found the problem… i had ad-muncher installed & the firewall was blocking the ad-muncher, preventing it from doing its job & because ad-muncher was blocking add’s u get at the bottom of msn, it prevented it from working. Strange but, i installed ad-muncher n uninstalled it 4 times now n each time i installed, msn wouldnt work.

However, i dont know why the fw blocks the mucher as its all setup to allow n so forth.

Anyways, not important. all fixed now :0)

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