Comodo now able to detect registry key ?

comodo is able to detect registry key, is it Dacs ?

Where did you get this?:stuck_out_tongue:

How did you do that?

Nope It’s Not DACS,

the help is on for 5.1 ^^’

None for CCE (with DACS) yet, though. :frowning:

Smart bastards. >:(

its the new rootkit scanner coming with 5.3…

it can find hidden processes, hidden registry keys and so on…all the good stuff that rootkits are good with :wink:


Nah. I say A Real Smart Bloody Bastards ;D !ot!

GOD Crikey Melih have you guys been building a new secret weapon to make everybody happy, well what every you do please DON’T kill our PC if you’ve build this new weapon as you know it can over kill the PC to far on the edge.

nice to see cis able to catch all the left stuff by nasty malwares and adwares

Detecting hidden precesses will be work in real-time? As someone wrote on the WishList Board?:slight_smile: