Comodo notified me of another private network

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This evening Comodo notifed that a private networks with a ip starting 165 & 169. has been discovered. I added it to my trusted list but then thoguht that it may have been some sort of trojan etc so i’ve deleted it off “My network zones” list. So i’ve got a few questions…

  1. Has anybody else had Comodo notify you of unknown private networks?
  2. Has anybody heard of an ip addresses starting with 165 & 169?
  3. Will me deleting the “unknown” network off my ‘network zones’ page be enough to stop it connecting again?
  4. Is there anyway of checking whether this ip address is on my laptop?

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If the 169 address was something like 169.254.X.X, then this is known as an APIPA address.

It is automatically assigned to a network adaptor when the adaptor is configured to automatically acquire an IP address from a DHCP server but can’t contact one to obtain said address.

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If you have connected to your networks, it is safe to remove this one.

@ panic and John Buchanan

hate to maybe hijack this thread, but it would be a great help for all nube’s as to this general kind of subject to know sources of information as to such IP’s and etc so we can all understand each other better.

Could ya supply such general sources to read so we all have a better understanding?

Thanks, Diligent.

P.S. good question NixonTurtle!!

Hi. Take a look at these two, they’re as good a place as any to start:

you can also see

Automatic Private IP Addressing

Thank You Quill and xiuhcoatl. Will look and see what’s new >>> looks like it will be a LOT better than hours of researching threads, with too many different opinions on the same subjects.

Appreciated Much, Diligent.

Thanks for all your replies guys. It hasn’t popped up again but if it does i’ll post a picture showing the ip address.