Comodo notification pop-up freezes PC with Yahoo Messenger

I have had to uninstall Comodo but would like to reinstall it if I can solve the problem I have with it. Periodically a notification pops up noting that Yahoo Messenger is changing a file and asks my direction on how to handle this action. The problem is that the mouse then become ineffective and I am unable to click on any action as the cursor hourglass is continually active and eventually the entire PC freezes. I have a new HP PC running Windows Home Premium 64 bit Vista OS. Other notifications have popped up and I’ve had no problem handling them–only Yahoo Messenger causes the problem. I’m using version of Yahoo Messenger and the Comodo was just downloaded and installed to date so I assume it was the very latest version. Greatly appreciate any help.

I have Yahoo Messenger and Comodo and they work fine together. No reason to uninstall Comodo. Simply out the firewall and D+ in training modes. You can also simply added Yahoo Messenger.exe and Yahoo Updater.exe to the firewall and D+ rules as trusted.

Hi, hitecpdx

Is it latest version of Yahoo Messenger? If so, can you disable (exit) any apps except Comodo prior launching Yahoo Messenger and see how it goes?


If you delete Yahoo Messenger from computer security policy of D+ (export config and test it if you have some spare time) and switch D+ to paranoid mode, do you get same lockout of computer on alert for Yahoo Messenger?
What version of Yahoo Messenger do you use?

I have the same version of Yahoo and no need to switch my set. Yahoo Messenger has always worked with all versions of Comodo and no lock ups.

But do you have a 64 bit system? I’m finding that there are a lot of exceptions with 64 bit systems as far as drivers and such are concerned and no one who replied to my post mentioned whether they also had 64 bit PCs.

Can you please give more information:

  1. My PC is 64 bit Vista Home Premium
  2. No service pack installed
  3. Only OS included security apps, Windows firewall and Windows defender.
  4. I cannot reproduce the bug at will because it occurs sporadically for no apparent reason. A popup appears saying that Yahoo Messenger wants to modify a file and asks for my permission. Before I can click on the approval, the PC freezes with an hourglass cursor.
  5. I cannot do anything to try to resolve the bug because the PC is frozen.
  6. All settings in Comodo were default just as they were after the initial download and setup. I did not change any settings.
  7. I use an Administrator account
  8. I am not sure if User Account Control is activated or not as a cursory look at the Control Panel does not reveal this information.

Look in your log and add that file to D+. There are 2 Yahoo Messenger files. Yahoo Messenger.exe and Yahoo Updater. Add both of those manually to firewall and D+ as trusted.

Sorry if you were talking about 3.0.18 - i didn’t understand.
So, do you have described issue with version 3.0.18?

Hi, I had this problem also. Unlike any other programs, Yahoo Messenger makes some annoying conflict and freezes the whole computer (windows xp home), when used with Comodo Firewall and Comodo Antivirus. The solution is simple and easy, so I’d like to share it:

  1. Disable yahoo messenger to start with windows startup or don’t login to yahoo messenger account (cancel/disable before it logins automatically)

  2. Open Comodo Firewall (I’m using, click icon Firewall and then “Define a new trusted application”. Select / Browse, go to Program Files / Yahoo! / Messenger and select yahoomessenger.exe. Second time browse and select yupdater.exe

  3. Open Comodo Antivirus (I’m using build, click icon Settings and then from menu HIPS Application Control / General. There’s text What items to exclude from HIPS application control, press button Select and take both yahoomessenger.exe and yupdater.exe.

Another solution for Antivirus may be using window Manage Allow/Block list (to allow yahoomessenger.exe and yupdater.exe), but for some reason every time I press button Manage, list window opens and soon closes the whole Antivirus, so I can’t use it by that way. (L)

Ummm…your replying to a post thats 6 months old. I use Comodo and Yahoo Messenger just fine with no freezes.