comodo not working if no one is loged in - under windows 2003 server

I have a windows server 2003 that I have setup and run totally remotetly.
I have install the comodo firewall
and have notice this problem.

The firewall is not working if no one is loged in !.
I do not know why, but just not working. (or some rules do not working, I am not 100% sure)
but I try to stop the MS Sql port from communicate with the other people and I can not.

If I am loging this rule working, but if I am not loged in, the firewall let every one to connect to my MS SQL >:( and try to login !!!

And for this reason I open today the stupit ms firewall on again, to extra cut some ports.
But this way I am not sure if comodo can find port scans…

Can you help on this problem ?


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Same problem here. If I am logged on to Windows 2003 R2 SP2, firewall blocks fine.

When am logged out, I see a whole lot of login tries on ms-sql in the windows event log.

The comodo network monitor log only shows events from times I have been logged in on a rdp session with the server.