Comodo not using Minifilters - why


Why is Comodo not using Minifilters instead of hooks?

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Define minifilters as Wikipedia has no such listing.

I am mainly referring to minifilters as defined here:

and discussed e.g. here:

Why are they important?
What product does use this?

They are important because on x64 windows it is not possible to use hooks to the same extent as on x32, so currently comodo running on x64 windows is not as good as on x32. Minifilters are the standard way of doing things, and allow comodo to perform the same on both architectures.

Currently, it is all microsoft products (windows defender, microsoft security essentials) and preview versions of Agnitum and NOD32 products.

This clarifies your question :slight_smile: … should have been part of the initial post.

The original post is mainly aimed at comodo developers who should hopefully already know about this issue…

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Please take note of the latest beta as it currentlyly offers the same level of protection in both the x64 and the x32.

x64 bit is more common now and soon will surpass x32 I think, and John, am sure it was said to be improved and not the same?

If wasn’t for ■■■■ netbooks the x64 only era would be upon us since a long ago…

If you would look at the other post on version 5.8 Eggman says version 5.8 64 bit defense is equal to the 32 bit defense.

specially good now against key-logger

Okay thanks for clearing that up, I was meaning with current 5.5 version, but it’s nice to see 5.8 is equal… way to go Comodo! ;D

Well I think it maybe would be ‘in addition to’ hooks. CIS needs to control more than just file system access, which if I have understood correctly, is what minifilters are all about.